Wednesday, May 26, 2010

CloudCrowd: Looking Back

CloudCrowd is a Facebook application that lets you earn money online--for real. This isn't a scam, at all. At CloudCrowd, you complete small tasks such as classify websites, review keywords, edit badly-written English paragraphs, and a variety of other tasks each with an equivalent rate. The easier the task, the lower it pays. The more difficult tasks of course, have higher rates. You get paid per piece and payout is sent daily through Paypal. You do need to have a Facebook account to be able to work at CloudCrowd since it is accessible as a Facebook application. 

I used to work at ClowdCrowd. My favorite tasks were the easier ones such as "Categorize Business". They pay lower compared to difficult tasks but it was where I was comfortable. Small earnings add up to big earnings, anyway. So it's the same thing. The difficult tasks may pay higher but they require a longer time and much effort to complete. So you get to only do a few pieces of these difficult tasks. Easier tasks get done quickly and with less effort so I can do more pieces of work in one sitting. The earnings I get are quite the same whether I choose to do easy tasks over the difficult ones.

This is the beauty in CloudCrowd. You can work at where you're most comfortable. And you can always switch to doing other tasks if you get bored easily over one task. I remember having used the earnings I got from working there to buy me a domain of my own. And another thing that got me hooked to CloudCrowd before was that they send the money you earned daily! When you see something like this in your email everyday "CloudCrowd has sent you payment", do you not get excited? 

I quit working at CloudCrowd because there was a time when they had no available work. It was probably because they have so many workers already and the tasks all get taken fast. 

So why not earn while spending time on Facebook? Join CloudCrowd now as they now have more available tasks. CloudCrowd is also a good start for those who want to try what it's like to earn online.

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