Saturday, August 28, 2010

Pet Airways, How to Make Your Pet's Home Poison-Safe, Custom Pet ID Tags

Online Finds for your Pets

Check out this virtual guide by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) and the Animal Poison Control Center on how to make your home poison-safe for your pets.

And if you're looking for the coolest custom pet ID tags, go to now. You can choose from their collection of ready-made designs or you can create one yourself. You can also submit your own designs and get to earn from it.
Traveling with your pets? Book them at Pet Airways. It's an airline company dedicated to pet-friendly travel. When I first read about them, I thought the article was a hoax. But no, they're real. And they're the first to offer this kind of service. The fare? $149+. Currently, Pet Airways only flies to: New York, Washington DC, Chicago, Omaha, Denver, Phoenix, Los Angeles, Ft. Lauderdale, and Atlanta. I don't know because if I need to travel I usually just leave my pets to a friend or relative, but this has been Hallelujah news to some pet owners.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Looking for a Textmate?

Ikaw ba'y nalulungkot at walang makausap?
A textmate is probably what you need! Here's a Pinoy textmate finder that you can use. Introducing,

I stumbled on this cool, new website a week ago and when I visited the site again today, there are now around 500 text messages posted on their wall! In their own words:
" is a website whose aim is to provide people, looking for textmates, a tool for this need."
It's actually pretty simple to use. Scroll down to the bottom of their home page and you can find this form.

Once you're done typing your message, click on "Post Message" and then your message with your mobile number appears on the website's wall. Anyone who visits the website will see the message you posted and if they're interested, they can save your mobile number and send you a SMS. That easy! Even you're 12-year old brother can do that and use the tool to find friends.

So go give it a try. No use living under a rock or having lonely nights because you can't find anyone to talk is here for the rescue!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

CloudCrowd: Looking Back

CloudCrowd is a Facebook application that lets you earn money online--for real. This isn't a scam, at all. At CloudCrowd, you complete small tasks such as classify websites, review keywords, edit badly-written English paragraphs, and a variety of other tasks each with an equivalent rate. The easier the task, the lower it pays. The more difficult tasks of course, have higher rates. You get paid per piece and payout is sent daily through Paypal. You do need to have a Facebook account to be able to work at CloudCrowd since it is accessible as a Facebook application. 

I used to work at ClowdCrowd. My favorite tasks were the easier ones such as "Categorize Business". They pay lower compared to difficult tasks but it was where I was comfortable. Small earnings add up to big earnings, anyway. So it's the same thing. The difficult tasks may pay higher but they require a longer time and much effort to complete. So you get to only do a few pieces of these difficult tasks. Easier tasks get done quickly and with less effort so I can do more pieces of work in one sitting. The earnings I get are quite the same whether I choose to do easy tasks over the difficult ones.

This is the beauty in CloudCrowd. You can work at where you're most comfortable. And you can always switch to doing other tasks if you get bored easily over one task. I remember having used the earnings I got from working there to buy me a domain of my own. And another thing that got me hooked to CloudCrowd before was that they send the money you earned daily! When you see something like this in your email everyday "CloudCrowd has sent you payment", do you not get excited? 

I quit working at CloudCrowd because there was a time when they had no available work. It was probably because they have so many workers already and the tasks all get taken fast. 

So why not earn while spending time on Facebook? Join CloudCrowd now as they now have more available tasks. CloudCrowd is also a good start for those who want to try what it's like to earn online.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

BC Bloggers 3

Calling all bloggers who want to gain friends in the blogosphere and build links at the same time –  BC Bloggers 3 is now open.  To join just visit Mommy Diary, read the requirements, and fill out the Application Form.

Exchanging links has never been this easy and fun!
Thanks to Paula of Mommy Diary for coming up with this link exchange network called BC Bloggers.
At BC Bloggers, you don't have to beg for an exchange of links. It is where enthusiastic bloggers come together to help each other out to gain traffic for our blogs.

Come join the network and gain friends! Just follow the instructions above and you're set to becoming a BC Blogger.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Neobux's New Look

Neobux is the only Paid-To-Click (PTC) site that I could recommend because it really pays. (I don't recommend upgrading your account here, though. I find the upgrade fee too expensive and the scheme they're using to encourage you into upgrading is really tricky--this I wouldn't want to elaborate.) For newbies in earning online, Neobux's program would get you excited since cashout is only at $2.

For those who have been with Neobux, you surely have noticed (if you haven't, I don't know what to call you) its new look.

This was their old logo:
Here is the current logo:

When I first signed up for Neobux 2 years ago, I actually thought I was in some online store that sells organic stuff. I have also often wondered if the owner of Neobux is an environmentalist. 

Neobux's new look is relevant this time. In my opinion, the current logo is like telling PTC freaks "Neobux is a dead end. Look no farther. Here is the site that really pays!"

Congratulations to the people behind this makeover. You all did a great job for our ever-reliable PTC.
If you haven't signed up for Neobux yet, click here.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Unionbank's Email Customer Service Exists!

I have sent several email inquiries to establishments before. I usually do my inquiry this way because it's faster and more convenient. If companies had provided email addresses so we could contact them, how come we seldom get replies from our emails? So I'm used to not getting any. I always have to visit the actual store or the company's office and get answers from an actual human being. 

So when I received a reply from Unionbank's email customer service (and it clearly wasn't some automated response), I caught myself thanking invisible gods. I then felt guilty in my having lost faith in the Filipino email customer service.

The email I sent to them was about my EON card and Cyberaccount. I have an EON card which I got in October 2008 but have never really used it. Now, I'm taking online jobs for real whose payments are sent to my Paypal account. I have earned quite enough to make a withdrawal but I was worried about my EON card and Cyberaccount if it's still valid for a Paypal transfer. My Cyberaccount and EON card has been inactive for almost 2 years and when I checked my account online (at it said, Please enter a valid card number. I tried enrolling my card again but I get this reply instead: Card number already enrolled in banking system. I have also visited a Unionbank branch and the staff told me that my card is still active. I just had to re-enroll my card number at So I tried re-enrolling several times everyday, but I always get the same error message.

Frustrated, I tried my luck at emailing my problem to Immediately the day after, I got a response that I could now re-enroll my EON card number at their website. And I successfully did! It turned out there was just some technical glitch in their website. Woohoo! Kudos to Unionbank for having an existent Email Customer Service! And the best part of this all? I finally was able to withdraw money from my Paypal earnings. I used the method Withdraw to Bank Account and was deducted Php 50 only. After 2 banking days, the transfer was completed---my Paypal account deducted of the amount and my Cyberaccount debited with the amount.   ^_^
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