Saturday, November 8, 2008

Meet The Alcaltel OT-S210, My New Found Friend.

Here is a phone that could be the bestfriend you're looking for. Reliable, no-nonsense, interesting. But unlike a human bestfriend which is for free, this requires you some cash. (The best things in life aren't free, c'mon). Just some 1K pesos and you get to bring this friend anywhere you wish.
The OT-S210, a candybar handset from Alcatel Mobile Phones, is a basic phone for undemanding users. Pinoys would often get 2 mobile phones--one being a personal phone and the other, a business phone. Or some would prefer calling their second unit, the back-up phone. This OT-S210 could be IT. SMS and calls, 250 names in your phonebook, polyphonic tones, an alarm clock, a calculator, some wallpapers, and COLORED display. You get all these with rubberized keypads and easy navigation (because of its menu icons and shortcut keys). And forget that image of an Alcatel phone that looks like Safeguard. Because this one wouldn't embarrass you in front of your fashionista friends.
Lightweight and handy, it fits very well in your jean pockets. The circle designs on its back cover give the phone a modern look.

So far, it hasn't given me a headache. Its battery can last to a week . And after using it for 2 weeks, I'm now thinking of getting another Alcatel phone (one of their music phones) in the future.

A sulit AND surprising buy, this phone could be anyone's bestfriend. =)

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