Sunday, October 26, 2008

Paid Surveys for Filipinos

Another form of GPT or Get Paid To- program (see previous post on GPTs) that Juan may want to try is the paid survey. Take that VERY literally. Yes you get paid. Just by answering surveys!

These online surveys pay you just for sharing your opinions/views on certain social topics or most often, your preferences and comments on particular products or brands. Market research companies (or the paid survey sites) get hired by private companies/manufacturers to check how their products affect consumers. The results of these surveys are vital since these could help determine the future products that will be launched in the market. These results could guide manufacturers on innovations needed and standards they have to set to dominate the global market.

Like PTCs, there are a lot of scam paid survey sites out there. So for a start you can check Survey Police first. This is a website with a list of legitimate paid survey sites that you can register to. Note that when choosing a paid survey site, you have to qualify first as a respondent. Most paid survey sites unfortunately (again) accept US, Canada, Australia, or UK residents only. So far, I have found three (3) paid survey sites that Filipinos can register to: Global Test Market , Brand Test Institute and Survey Savvy.

Remember to create a separate e-mail where these surveys go in. Since you will be receiving loads and loads of spam emails upon signing in these survey sites.

Hope this helped. Good Luck! 8)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Oh! To Be Young And In Love...

2005, when I was 'struggling' to let go of a puppy love gone sour. There was this guy who I really liked and from our conversations, my shallow heart thought he felt something special for me too. But neither took a step forward. Until perhaps our hearts grew tired. I later read from his Friendster profile, comments from his supposedly girlfriend. So I was: Oh okay, he has somebody now. I had no right to protest so I didn't bother him anymore.

Ayun. Wala lang. =P Was just giving you some 'background' story for this poem I will be sharing. This is an excerpt since this is just the part I copied from a compilation book (I forgot its title) I borrowed from the USJ-R library, when I was still attending college there. This is from Carlomar Arcangel Daoana's "Preludes to a Sonata". This comforted me during those times heh. It's another favorite. =)


excerpt from "Preludes To A Sonata" by Carlomar Arcangel Daoana

Years later, I will once again find myself in this place,
In the safety of daylight. As expected, you will be away,
Together with the one you have chosen, a cigarette in your hand,
Your gray secluded eyes looking into his which is a form of analysis.
I will recall the words and their shells of ghost
Back from the brink of an instant already done with.
I shall write them down in my notebook.

And if I am fortunate enough, I may be able
To speak of you finally in the past tense.

Well you are past tense now, my dear! (We're good friends, though).

Friday, October 10, 2008

Cebu Bloggers EB!

Bloggers from Cebu will have something to look forward to this month. It's the Club and Cebu Bloggers Networking Event on October 23, 2008 at Teatro Casino of Waterfront Lahug from 6:00 to 11:00 pm. It is a FREE event with free dinner (yey!) just click here to register and to view details of the event.
Kitakits! 8)

PBBY now accepts entries for book writing contest

If you're a Filipino citizen and is into writing books for children aged 6 to 12 years old, then you might want to join this contest.

The Philippine Board on Books for Young People (PBBY) now accepts entries for the 2009 PBBY-Salanga Prize. Submission is only until 5:00 pm November 14, 2008.

Here are the details posted at
Just scroll down until you reach to their 3 October 2008 announcement.

There's still much time so mail your stories now! =)

Trying Out Other PTC Sites

  • The first PTC (Paid-To-Click) site that I registered to was actually Neobux. It was my first try at earning online. It had (I don't know if this is still the current number and because my account has been suspended) 4-5 advertisements available daily and they all load slow. Except for its low payout, Neobux was all right. Until I heard that cashout isn't available anymore for Paypal (this is so far the payment option that works here in 'Pinas pa naman). For the latest news about Paypal and Neobux, click here. Needless to say, if you're Filipino and you only have Paypal, then don't bother signing up for Neobux.
    WordLinx - Get Paid To Click
  • Another PTC that pays through Paypal is WordLinx. They have a PTR (Paid-To-Read Email) available as well (which to me is the one that's really working). It's difficult to navigate around their site, I've seen just 2-3 ads available (sometimes zero ads even) so I don't recommend it. Their PTR email also doesn't come regularly in my inbox.
  • Then comes Isabelmarco. Pays either through Paypal or Alertpay. Registration is so quick and easy and free. I've seen 20 advertisements available per 24 hours, they all load pretty fast. Navigation isn't much of a headache too. I recommend Isabelmarco to any Juan.
  • I have also registered with Earn.Nu before (that was after Neobux) . There were 9-15 ads available and would load quick but saw they don't have Paypal in their payment options. Therefore Earn.Nu isn't for Juan.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

To Be Herd And Not Scene

This has always been one of my favorite poems from a Filipino writer.

So who is Paolo Manalo? Here is the writer's profile from

"Can Afford" by Paulo Manalo

Be reachable.
As the narrative unfolded I was growing up too
Slow because I was caught up between
Crossing the street and staying
Home. My parents were strict.

Be quiet.

Common sense tells me there were erasures

Be reasonable.

This was when I discovered I was surrounded.
And things were (child-locked) tamper-proofed.
The world was sick--everything could be doctored.
"When I grow up I want to be a doctor."
Be visible.
Of course we want to be pleasing.
And there I was onstage because of the just
Because and the said so.
At such a young age, I knew what it meant
To be herd and not scene. There I was part of wave

Be consistent.

As I write this someone is looking
Over my shoulder. That certain wait.
I have used this before, to feign illness--
To cause delays in the telling
I would say, "Watch out for
White lies ahead."

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Paypal for Juan: HOW?

There have been a lot of blog and forum posts about how a Filipino can get Paypal here in the Philippines, but this is my version. This is for the still-confused Juans out there.
Paypal, according to Wikipedia, is an e-commerce business allowing payments and money transfers to be made through the Internet. Most online shoppers (especially in e-Bay) confess they prefer to use Paypal because it’s a safer way to pay for purchases since you don’t have to give out your credit card number to just anyone. And to online earners, Paypal is the most convenient way to receive pay for the projects they do for their employers. These virtual employers are usually based on the other side of the globe thus the sending of cash or check to their virtual employees will be too risky and expensive.
So generally, one isn’t eligible to do online jobs unless he has a Paypal account. It is a requirement and the first step before you start on work-at-home jobs.
Paypal in the Philippines has only recently been in full effect. Understandably, there are still a lot of Filipinos who are clueless as to how it works here. So here is a guide on how to apply for a Paypal account. More helpful links are found on the bottom of this post. I recommend you click on them because they will be very helpful.

  1. Sign up for a Paypal account. Click here to create it. In their website they have their FAQs section, they’re helpful so be patient to go over them.

  2. Verify your Paypal account. You can only send and withdraw funds from your Paypal account only if it’s been verified. A verified Paypal account asks for a card number and a bank code. The only Philippine bank so far that Paypal fully acknowledges is the Unionbank of the Philippines. So you have to open a Unionbank account if you do not have one.

  3. Go to Unionbank’s website or visit a Unionbank branch. Apply for the EON Cyber Account. This comes with the so-called EON Card (or Unionbank's VISA Electron Card). So to verify your Paypal account, what you type in the area that asks for a card number is your EON Card number and for your bank code, the code for Unionbank. Photocopies of two (2) valid IDs will be asked from you. (For a list of valid IDs they accept, click here).

  4. There is a Php 350- fee for the card. This is also the annual fee that Unionbank charges from EON card users. You pay the Php 350- upon claiming your card.

  5. Paypal also asks for a $1.95 USD verification fee so convert that in pesos (around Php 100.00 as of writing) and deposit that amount to your Unionbank Cyber Account.

  6. Unionbank consumes 3 to 4 weeks processing your application. But if all goes well you can get your EON card in 1 week. Just ask for the number of the branch where you applied so you can follow-up for your card’s status.
  7. To complete verification of your Paypal account, you will need the 4-digit code that Paypal has sent to your Unionbank account. To access this, go to Unionbank's website again and enroll in their EON online banking system. Once you're enrolled you can view the list of transactions you have entered in. In your Unionbank Mini Statement, go to Accounts. On Options, select Transactions. Here you can find the 4-digit code which would look like VISA-XXXXPAYPAL, where the four X represents the code. Your key to finding this in your transactions list is the $1.95 USD peso equivalent that Paypal has deducted from you as verification fee. The code will be found on the same line where this amount appears in your Mini Statement.
  8. Go back to your Paypal account and enter the 4-digit code. You are now a verified Paypal user and the $1.95 USD charge will be refunded to your Paypal account.
When you’re a verified Paypal account holder, you’re set! You can now register for PTCs, PTPs, or PTRs and other online opportunities that pay through Paypal and start earning.
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