Friday, October 10, 2008

Trying Out Other PTC Sites

  • The first PTC (Paid-To-Click) site that I registered to was actually Neobux. It was my first try at earning online. It had (I don't know if this is still the current number and because my account has been suspended) 4-5 advertisements available daily and they all load slow. Except for its low payout, Neobux was all right. Until I heard that cashout isn't available anymore for Paypal (this is so far the payment option that works here in 'Pinas pa naman). For the latest news about Paypal and Neobux, click here. Needless to say, if you're Filipino and you only have Paypal, then don't bother signing up for Neobux.
    WordLinx - Get Paid To Click
  • Another PTC that pays through Paypal is WordLinx. They have a PTR (Paid-To-Read Email) available as well (which to me is the one that's really working). It's difficult to navigate around their site, I've seen just 2-3 ads available (sometimes zero ads even) so I don't recommend it. Their PTR email also doesn't come regularly in my inbox.
  • Then comes Isabelmarco. Pays either through Paypal or Alertpay. Registration is so quick and easy and free. I've seen 20 advertisements available per 24 hours, they all load pretty fast. Navigation isn't much of a headache too. I recommend Isabelmarco to any Juan.
  • I have also registered with Earn.Nu before (that was after Neobux) . There were 9-15 ads available and would load quick but saw they don't have Paypal in their payment options. Therefore Earn.Nu isn't for Juan.

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