Sunday, October 26, 2008

Paid Surveys for Filipinos

Another form of GPT or Get Paid To- program (see previous post on GPTs) that Juan may want to try is the paid survey. Take that VERY literally. Yes you get paid. Just by answering surveys!

These online surveys pay you just for sharing your opinions/views on certain social topics or most often, your preferences and comments on particular products or brands. Market research companies (or the paid survey sites) get hired by private companies/manufacturers to check how their products affect consumers. The results of these surveys are vital since these could help determine the future products that will be launched in the market. These results could guide manufacturers on innovations needed and standards they have to set to dominate the global market.

Like PTCs, there are a lot of scam paid survey sites out there. So for a start you can check Survey Police first. This is a website with a list of legitimate paid survey sites that you can register to. Note that when choosing a paid survey site, you have to qualify first as a respondent. Most paid survey sites unfortunately (again) accept US, Canada, Australia, or UK residents only. So far, I have found three (3) paid survey sites that Filipinos can register to: Global Test Market , Brand Test Institute and Survey Savvy.

Remember to create a separate e-mail where these surveys go in. Since you will be receiving loads and loads of spam emails upon signing in these survey sites.

Hope this helped. Good Luck! 8)

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