Friday, October 2, 2009

Having A Baby Can Be A Scream

We finally met. Her name's Jagger Venice, taking her Papa's initials. A baby girl! (Yep, Jagger is a boy's name. Why we gave her that name is another blog topic, so get over it for now. :D) She went out into the world through normal delivery at 12 noon last 17th of August 2009. She was 2.8 kg at birth. Four months later she's grown sooo heavy she's at 6.3 kg now.

Having a baby sure IS a scream. One minute she is all smiles playing peek-a-boo with you, the next minute she's shrieking like a banshee. Of course this sudden turn of events could get you panicky because neighbors might think you've hit her they'd dial 163. She couldn't be hungry because you fed her just 15 minutes ago. Perhaps some insect bit her... So you inspect your baby thoroughly only to discover it's just her wet diaper. And you better change that nappy now! Fast! Or she'll shriek even louder!

Kiss your long baths goodbye as well. Or doing crossword while in the toilet. Or as simple as combing your hair. Some days, my hair goes uncombed until afternoon. Perhaps this could be the reason why Jagger giggles at the sight of me. Mama looks like Goku again. If you have a baby, prepare for bad hair days...everyday! I used to be insomniac but ever since I got pregnant and had Jagger, I snored whenever I get the opportunity. I exclusively breastfeed her so it's me and me alone who could feed her. It's terribly exhausting especially when it's 3 AM and she's up for a feed. And just when you've settled back to sleep, Jagger decides she wanted a chat with mommy so she coos and gurgles at her zombie mommy. If mommy doesn't coo and gurgle back, she'd cry. Or scream. Whichever works.

Jagger doesn't have a nanny so if you plan to get one, a baby won't be so much of a scream perhaps. Just get somebody who is a relative and observe if your baby is comfortable with her. Trust me there will be times when you've become so exhausted you'd think of throwing baby out :D So to prevent evil ideas such as that, a nanny would be helpful. And of course we all wanted to take care of ourselves. Pregnancy was no walk in the park while post pregnancy is a period of depression (this is so true), dry skin and stretch marks!

So remember it's not only you. Mommies all over the world are feeling what you're feeling. To save myself (i.e. to understand the emotions I've been feeling) from postpartum depression, I visit forums of new mothers. It is important to talk with other moms because their tips can help you survive every scream that comes with having a baby. The first three months that I had Jagger, I felt alone. I felt nobody could understand what I was going through. Through online forums, I was able to cope with the physical and emotional pressure that first time mommies go through.

Perhaps in the next posts, I will be sharing what you need for your first baby. Having a baby shouldn't be a scream to our pockets as well.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Whatever Happened To This Blog, Here You Might Wanna Know.

5 months from the last entry! Ha. Been busy with the baby then the wedding last March (yes baby came first). It was a fun and simple exchange of vows. Fun because there were just our wacky families and relatives only. Simple since we were on a budget so we didn't tell our friends about the wedding. And because me and my husband both have huuuuge families. Fun and everyone was just comfortable. I couldn't call the wedding intimate because intimate for me should have the bride crying while walking down the aisle or if not the bride, then the parents (of the bride usually). I didn't cry, not because my friend Sarah told me not to, but because I was busy trying not to trip on my petticoat. And how lucky we (me and JV) had some relatives take care of something. Like one aunt paid for the lechon and another aunt for the cakes....

Of course there's baby. During the wedding preparations baby was 3 months old. It was torture until the 4th month of carrying him/her. Who said nobody could say no to chocolates? Baby did! And that was really torture for mommy (that's me). Because since December there were friends and relatives coming from abroad who of course brought tons of Toblerone, Mars, Snickers, M&Ms... and baby hated them all! Very many times, I tried to just get a bite of some chocolate. Seconds later, baby would have mommy going to the bathroom to vomit 'em all. Baby was cruel. I'm a meat lover especially pork but since baby came inside my tummy, I became vegan. And baby loves to eat fish too! And bananas! Mommy's going bananas over what baby wants to eat really....

I wasn't so much of a soda person before I got pregnant. But since baby formed inside mommy's tummy, I wanted a Coca Cola every snack and meal. I didn't object on this but when the lolas , lolos and the aunties noticed I was gulping a Coke Litro everyday, they gave me looks me and baby didn't like and said: "If you continue doing that, your tummy will grow so big it would burst." Eng eng eng. Soooo then. For the fiiiiiirst time. Mommy and baby agreed over something. To NOT mind the lolas and lolos and aunties and uncles and their threats but to follow our appetite's desire.... "Mag Coke Araw-araw!", we declared.

And so me and baby are bestfriends now. After the 4th month, baby's not so cruel anymore. He/she would let me eat chocolates and I'm back to being carnivorous again. But I also make baby happy, I eat fish and vegies and bananas. So yes, we've become BFFs.

Sooooo many more to tell about this watermelon...I mean, baby inside me. But will post in the next entries since I'm off to Talisay to see baby's lola and lolo and aunties and cousins...

'Til next post (or when me and baby feels like making one).

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