Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Dear Santa

I wrote this in December 2005. Reading this wishlist again three years later, I figure I didn't have to change wishes every year. (Well except the "a break from school" part because I'm done with school in 2006). We all want the same things every year, I guess....

An ukay-ukay sweatshirt with a hood
A guitar or a keyboard
An intimate outing with friends
And a happy Noche Buena with a complete family.

A break from school
A kiss and a hug from little cousins
Another try at kwitis and five stars
A perfect time to reminisce those days
When Santa Claus was a motivation.

A good book to read
A whole day at the Internet station
A Polaroid or a D-cam
The simple feeling that everyone's at peace with everyone.

It's Christmastime
And I have my wishlist ready
For Mr. Santa to see
He'll come in the middle of the night
Take my wishlist and try to
Get me make him my motivation once again.

It's Christmastime---
A time when I would want to believe in everything.


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