Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas Blues

Went to SM ganiha. My husband and I would normally park sa free parking area nila. But since puno na gyud tanan, we had to go up to their paid covered parking. It's for Php 10 lang man diay, fixed rate. Pero when we were up there, we spent some 10 minutes pa just to find a vacant slot kay bisan didto full nasad ang parking! I noticed too sa taxi loading station nila that there was a long queue of people with loads of fresh shopping bags with them. It's a Saturday and every Cebuano is doing Christmas shopping siguro. Tingale nadawat na nila ilang mga Christmas bonuses. Hmph. I couldn't relate this time kay ever since I started working in 2006, this will be the first Christmas nga unemployed ko. It's the first time also that I envied those working as corporate slaves. Haaay.

Now I'm thinking, what could perhaps be the best Christmas present that an unemployed could buy for herself? I've never been happier since I quit my last job (exactly) 4 months ago but everytime I go out and realize it's the 15th or 30th of the month, I start missing the suicide-but-nabubuhay-naman lifestyle.


I'd rather sleep, I will be first-time ninang later at 9am haha.


grrrlriot said...

I love your blog, Cheeeryl! :)

Cheeeryl said...

now i'm pressured to update this blog... =D thanks, girl.

grrrlriot said...

Your welcome :)

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