Monday, September 29, 2008

Things I'd Rather Not Write About

I have noticed I often avoid writing about my personal experiences. Every time I attempt to, my cheesy high school diary entries flash to me. "Never mind," I would tell myself. Afraid I might sound so high school. But then again what's writing for if you don't give a piece of yourself to it? Wasn't early literature about one's experiences and the lessons one has learned from them? So all right, I would not anymore hesitate to bombard you, followers of this blog (I just imagine I have some heh!), with blog entries written from the deepest and innermost ventricles of my heart. Aww.

However, the reason why I didn't write about what happened to me 2 weeks ago isn't because it's too high school and cheesy. It is something I would rather not write about. Because I (still) don't know how to describe what I felt about the incident. Oh well, I'll just do it so casually then? So okay. I lost my phone to a holdupper last September 16 while riding on a jeepney. So what now? Isn't this something so common an incident in Pinas? Fine, I got a new sim and am now back to my loyal Nokia again and moved on as if nothing like that happened.

But no. I cannot just forget it. (That's why I am finally writing about it). It got me traumatized. And I hate the idea that it affected me so much. That same evening, when I went to sleep, I was shivering for an hour and imagined I had fever. I was chilling like crazy and was scared of the dark (I wasn't scared at it before). At that moment, I thought I have really gone mad.

Fortunately, when I woke up the next day I was sane still to think about editing my ads in this site, and posting in mylot and all the other addictions I've always had.

It wasn't about the phone I lost. But it was the memory of the hunting knife at my waist. It was the memory of the holdupper's face that I wouldn't let go of in the hope of seeing him again. And when that day comes, he'll get what he deserved. Well just visions of me with some Muay Thai skills finally...making him beg on his knees for mercy. Hah!

I still choose not to write about the incident in detail. But if I ever cross paths with him again, it will be a 300-word entry here (the least).

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